This litter was a dream come true, our very first litter out of a Bordertreowe bred bitch. Maybe it sounds silly, but this mating was planned ever since Leo was born 😀 I liked his parents, and especially the combination of the bloodlines. I kept an eye on Leo from the beginning and was hoping he would develop into a dog that would suite my expectations and would be a good match for our Abbie. I couldn’t dream for a better dog, he grew into a very nice boy, of good proportions, nice head, athletic appearance with excellent health results and last but not least he has a great will to please and is a working dog with several S.A.R. exams passed. Could I ask for more? Nope 😉 The time has come and the decisions were made, we just had to wait for Miss Abbie to start her season 🙂

The season and the mating

Abbie started her season in the first part of April, and after some progesterone and ovulation testing for several days we got a green light and started our journey on23rd April with Dori (co-owner) and Abbie to Fürstenfeld. The trip went well and we saw beautiful landscape on the way :). When we met Leo, Abbie fell in love at first sight, it was truly in the air 😀 Only a few minutes of playing and introduction the mating took part and ended in a long tie. Next morning we repeated the mating, that was again rapid (Abbie really liked Leo), and we headed home with high hopes. We have to thank Jenny on her help and hospitality, we stayed at Hotel Garni in Loipensdorf and it was a perfect place, peaceful, quiet, we could feel the soul of the nature and we were very sad we couldn’t spend a bit longer 🙂

click on the photo to see moments of our trip to Fürstenfeld



On 25th of May, half way in the pregnancy, we went for and ultrasound check, although we were pretty sure the puppies are on the way! Our hopes have proven and the vet saw several filled amnion sacks, and we went home very, very happy and content. Abbie got her vaccination and now we only had to wait!


Pregnancy and Birth

Since Abbie is in co-ownership, she lives with Teodora Pocs who has lots of experience with raising litters, we entrusted her to raise our C litter that was born at her place. Abbie handled the pregnancy very well, everything went OK.

After a temperature drop on 23rd of June we knew the litter is coming soon. Next day Abbie still didn’t show sure signs of the delivery, but we are used to things that the little Witch does, everything has to be a bit in “Abbie style” 😀 We were in phone contact with Dori all day, but everything seemed calm (a bit of scratching but nothing more). We even spoke around 5PM while I was drinking my afternoon coffee and Dori said Abbie is sleeping pleasantly in her litter box, and then after an hour the phone rang, it was Dori: “Hey hurry up, it is action time”… I was like: “Hm? What action?”, and answer came “The first baby is on its way” :))) Now that’s exactly what we expected from Abbie 😀 YAIKS, I jumped in the car and rushed over to Dori, and luckily caught the birth of little Che, our first C boy. The birth went smooth and well, we got 5 puppies till 11,30PM and nothing happened till 2AM. I decided to go home, Dori stayed with Abbie all night, and suddenly in the middle of the night she woke up on whining. Surprise! The sixth and finally puppy was born 🙂 So in the morning we had a total of 6 healthy, lively puppies 4 boys and 2 girls weighing an average of 340gr. We were over the moon 🙂

And for the end again a special thanx to Teodora Pócs who took a great role and raised this wonderful and, to my heart, very special litter