We were very excited about our first litter. We were looking for the perfect match for Ayas first offspring. We were looking for a very long time, and it was not easy at all. To combine health, exterior, temperament. I think we did a very good choice with the young male, Finn, who came to Hungary from Scotland at the end of 2008. He was shown in England and gained very nice results ending in a title of Top 5th puppy dog of 2008 in the UK. Beside his show qualities, he has an outstanding pedigree, combining worldly affirmed lines. Finn also has a wonderful character, and has started attempting several activities at his new home. Dog Dancing, Agility, Herding are the sports he started learning, and is showing a nice potential. We are very thankful for this opportunity to Emese and Judit!

The season and the mating

Aya started her season on the 1st of March 2009. On the 8th day of the heat, on 9th of March, we did a progesterone test that brought a result of 4,7, so we started our travel on the next day. Late in the evening of 10th March (9th day of the heat), Aya and Finn mated for the first time, and ended up in a tie. On the next day, we repeated the mating and came home with great hopes! 



On 17th of April, (38 day counting from the first mating), we visited our vet, although we were pretty sure, the babies are on their way, we did an ultrasound and saw our little babies! The vet counted 6-7 puppies. Aya got her vaccinations and we were very happy to get wonderful news!



Aya has shown some sure signs of pregnancy on about half way. She started to be very cuddly, a bit jealous on other dogs, and her appetite started to grow as well.

On the last two weeks, Aya rested more and more, ate very much. Her belly was growing very nice, and big 😀


 From the 55th day, we started measuring Ayas temperature. Here is a table with the results!

Day hour




55 day

38,0 oC

56 day

37,7 oC

57 day

37,6 oC

37,7 oC

37,3 oC

58 day

36,8 oC

37,4 oC

37,6 oC

59 day

 37,0 oC

 37,7 oC

 37,6 oC

60 day

 37,0 oC

 36,8 oC

 36,7 oC

On day 61, Aya refused to eat, and was obviously nervous, she scratched a lot in the litter box. At 3PM, the first amnion sack broke, and the delivery started. At 3.35PM, the first puppy arrived, and was followed by 7 brothers and sisters until 11.30PM making a total of 8 gorgeous black and white puppies. Five boys and three girls. The delivery went without problems, and Aya acted really professionally, doing a great job. All the puppies were strong and lively, searching for milk from the first minute. The puppies weight made an average of 400 grams.