Where to begin a story that is hard to believe even to me…. Maybe at the very beginning….

It was the day when our little Witch grew into a young lady… Her first heat… The day when, not even in my worse nightmare, did I dream about her becoming a mom… It started like a normal heat, time was passing, I separated her just as usually from the others (because I do NOT keep my dogs in kennels, they live together, Forrest and the two girls Aya and Bossie). She moved in with me to make it less hard to bare for Forrest. Of course, it is hard to trick a stud dogs nose, he knew it perfectly, I am keeping a girl in heat in the house. It was a bit weird, when not even after days 10-12-14, there was no change in his behavior. He usually shows quiet a straight and clear sign that it is TIME… They only met across fence under control, but still, Forrest was not at all interested, neither was Bossie (no signs of acceptance, tail moving ect.) I was thinking maybe because she is young and it is a first heat, it was weird but I still kept her away, to avoid accidents. after a few days it was time to go to World Dog Show… Since the heat was already in 20th day, and there was absolutely no sign of acceptance nor interest from Forrest, we packed up and traveled to Hungary to Kecskemet, where our good friend Emese lives with Finn, sire of our very first litter and grand-sire to Bossie, we spent the day at her place with grooming the dogs before the WDS weekend next day. But lets not rush. After traveling for 3 hours, crossing a border, with Bossie and Forrest (Bossie was in the transporter, Forrest beside it) who wasn’t interested in her even being so close in the car, we arrived to Emese and decided, just to make it 100% sure to introduce Finn to Bossie so we are sure he is not interested either. Finn sniffed her, just as dogs sniff each other when introducing, and the first reaction of Bossie was showing her teeth, growling and moving her hind part well away from Finn. This again just made us even more sure that the “business is closed, if it ever was opened”. Because we set so long in the car, and everything seemed settled between the dogs, we decided to take a walk so the dogs can run a bit and stretch their legs. I headed the bathroom, Emese headed down the stairs with the dogs that rushed down. After a few seconds she was in the door, when she saw Finn jumped on Bossie, she stepped there immediately and tried to pull of her, but she was shocked to notice they are already tied :O . Now imagine a virgin girl and a male that was never a fast mater, he took his time to play and introduce… it was BUMM, in 5 seconds, after we thought we made every needed checkups to make sure it is safe… on the 20th day of heat and 3 weeks of Forrest being not interested, and Bossie biting Finns head off just a minute earlier… I cam after a few minutes from the bathroom and almost collapsed when I saw Emese holding the tied dogs… I simply could not believe 🙁 It was like impossible… After they separated we rushed to call vets to ask about possible options, we called Emeses doctor, spoke to mine, and even got in contact with a breeding specialist that has a great reputation. All three said the same… There is a possibility of early estrogen injection to avoid pregnancy… BUT… all three said they do not recommend it due to the age of the bitch and that it is her first heat, because it could do permanent damage and influence her whole life and future heats because it is a hormone shock. All said about a possibility of abortion halfway in the pregnancy, after it is confirmed with US… They said she might not get pregnant because the mating was so  far in the heat. There was not much to do, we had to accept their opinion and wait… We were praying for Bossie not to get pregnant. Unfortunately after just 10 days she showed signs that something changed in her and my fear started becoming reality, she might be pregnant… 23 days in pregnancy Bossie acted strange refusing to eat, was depressed… I measured her temp, it was 40,4 🙁 We instantly headed our vet, drove 70km and diagnose confirmed babesiosis 🙁 We quickly made an US and also confirmed she is in whelp… Shock again… Imizol, antibiotics, several days of eating hardly anything, 3 days of high fever, I was sure this was the end of her pregnancy and that it will be resorbed… After 10 days of agony and misery, blood draws, tests, medication Bossie felt better, on our last vet check we made a new US exam, I was almost sure the puppies are gone… but NO… the pregnancy was there with several amnion sacks and good heart sounds…. After surviving the whole illness and being so week, we didn’t even have a chance to consider aborting the litter, and I couldn’t risk. The doctor said she will be OK, we started supporting her immunity system quality food, lots of support and nothing left then to accept natures decision, this litter wants to live… Although way too early and not at all in ideal circumstances, we had to accept this and offer support and love to Bossie who will become mom, a teenage mom… Since I am not a person that will try to hide ts mistakes, I decided to announce the whole story to the world… Well it was horrible how mean and bad some people are, we were dragged around, spitted allover, we had the worst time of our lives, still worrying for our Bossie and the puppies, the delivery and their health, we had to stay strong and  survive the unfair bites of some “snakes” 🙁 I am a straight person, and I will play fair and honest and take the consequences and full responsibility for my decisions and eventual mistakes. I could have easily keep this in secret and sell the poor wee souls, but that is just not ME, plus, these puppies are not to be blamed for being born, and after all, unregistered dogs always have worse chances to start their lives, so we decided they deserve the same, the best, just as all our other litters… I will rather take the consequences for who I am then the “Liked” for who I am not…

The days were passing, Bossie slowly recovered and gained strength, her belly was growing too, the US controls, blood draws showed everything was back to normal and OK. On day 63. Bossie and I joined our forces and delivered our “miracle litter” to the world, one after the other, puppies came to the world, a bit smaller then we are used to, but lively and eager to live, active and brave 🙂 It was  a fast delivery ending in 7 lovely rascals, 3 boys and 4 girls… D litter was here and Bossie made me VERY proud being such a great and caring mom doing her job as if this was at least her third litter! Well done my Witch!