I waited for you, so much, my heart was full of anticipation. And then, like a miracle, you came. You were special…. very special…. I gave you my name… I thought “Oh gosh, finally, my lucky star found me after all those months of misery”… And then you left, and took a part of me with you. My heart is aching my soul is crying… You were special, and you were mine… Run free “pikku emma”, run free….

“Emma Boss” of Bordertreowe

(Sportingfield’s North Star – Elaeth Ayashee Lynn’s Passion)

JR ♥♥♥♥ Boc
† 29-05-2014 – 01-06-2014 †
bw: 290 gr
tricolor female
Forever in the hearts of Bordertreowe Team

TNS, CEA, CL normal by parentage

activities: “guardian angel”