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We are a small kennel located in Hungary (moved to Hungary in summer 2022 from Serbia), registered under the BORDERTREOWE kennel name (FCI 4828) with ambitions to breed quality border collies. What is quality in our opinion? First of all it means health above everything, perfect temperament and character that makes the border collie a BORDER COLLIE, and we strive for combining all this with looks that can prove quality on conformation shows as well. We love moderate dogs of good size, lovely expression and flawless movement.

We do not keep many dogs at home, because we think the dog itself is the most important, and being a border collie, means regular care and training. We do not keep our dogs in kennels. We keep a few very promising youngsters in co-ownership, to keep the important bloodlines and if they end up with the qualities and health we need, they will be a part of our breeding program.

All of our breeding dogs are health screened for all genetic diseases (DNA tested for CEA, CL, TNS, MDR1, IGS, BCG, SN, RS, BCG, EAOD), x-rayed (for HD, ED, OCD) and eye-tested (CEA, PRA, KAT,  RD, GLA). We raise our puppies with great care, using helpful tools for their well-being, like ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation), ESI (Early Scent Introduction) and  the Puppy Culture protocol to give them the best basis in socialization.  Our offspring is sold only to active, responsible families that are willing to stay in touch with the breeder even after taking the puppy home, because, as the breeders we feel responsible for Bordertreowe bred dogs for the rest of their lives!