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date/day morning afternoon evening
20/05 – day 56 38,2
21/05 – day 57 37,6 37,9
22/05 – day 58
23/05 – day 59
24/05 – day 60
25/05 – day 61
26/05 – day 62
27/05 – day 63



We attended the 6. Corgi Olympics and Herding day in Hungary – Szarvas Tanya – Portelek. Last year we were there only as visitors but this year we took our own little CorgiMonster PIPACS

The Olympics consisted of 9 “games”. Pipacs was the youngest contestant from 55 participating and she did AWESOME! We are super proud of this little treasure! Unfortunately she was 6 days short for being able to officially do a herding instinct test but we still got a chance to try and she is a herding-monster! HWT here we come

So these are Poppies results:

1. All-You-Can-Eat – Maximal 10 points! (sour cucumber, olives, humus, avocado and broccoli offered)
2. Agility – Maximal 10 points and overall FIRST PLACE!!!! out of 55!!!!
3. Retrieving – Maximal 10 points and overall THIRD PLACE!!!
4. Speed (Acceleration) – Maximal 10 points
5. Manicure/Pedicure – 7 points (we didn’t really understand the point as she was a clever girl, she behaved like a pro)
6. Recall (between toys and food) – 8 points – oh well those toys were reeeaaallly tempting hahaha
7. Herding Instinct Test – She did fabulous, she got 5 points out of maximal 10 I guess because she was under age? She sure would deserve the 10! even 15 because she was the youngest
8. Costume ball – Maximal 10 points and we won The most creative costume title!!!!

We came home with wonderful presents, 3 rosettes, 2 T-shirts, a canned dog food, a bag and diplomas.

Overall a fantastic day at Szarvas Tanya Our hosts Pakai Judit and Petra Szarvas, who was also the herding judge were fantastic!!! And a big thank you for the organization to Alexandra Trefán – Török owner of Born to Be kennel See you next year!!!!

And some photos from the herding!!!


Video of the Costume show: HERE

More info about the Event: HERE


National Dog show (GB)

judge Valerie Geddes

Hats Off of Bordertreowe JW “Julie
1st out of big limit class and in the challenge got RCC

This is Julies second RCC and we are so very proud of her!!!


Labyrinth Myth of Bordertreowe “Spike”
HD prescore: A/A
over the moon!!!!


Wonderful news from the Vet!!!
Bossies pregnancy was confirmed via ultrasound!!!
She is expecting babies from Shadow around 25th May!!!



judge: Dubravka Reicher (CRO)

I Sing Bohemian Rhapsody Valhalos Sargas “Pipacs”
baby class: VP1, Best Baby in Breed and res BEST BABY IN SHOW!!!
Labyrinth Myth of Bordertreowe “Spike”
baby class: VP1, Best Baby in Breed
Indiana Jones of Bordertreowe “Indy”
champion class: Ex1, CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed and BEST OF GROUP!!!
Bordermania All Hell Breaks Loose “Forrest”
veteran class: Ex1, VCAC, 3rd BEST VETERAN IN SHOW!!!



judge: Firic Petar (SRB)

I Sing Bohemian Rhapsody Valhalos Sargas “Pipacs”
baby class: VP1, Best Baby in Breed
Labyrinth Myth of Bordertreowe “Spike”
baby class: VP1, Best Baby in Breed
Bordermania All Hell Breaks Loose “Forrest”
veteran class: Ex1, VCAC, BEST OF BREED and BEST VETERAN IN SHOW!!!



Three wonderful days in Austria – Faak am See meeting Bossies fiance Shadow aka Habitual Shadow of Green Borderline. The lovebirds fell in love instantly and we had two natural and quick matings on 24th and 26th March!

With big hopes we wait wait in the following 4 weeks to see if our trip was successful!
Huge thank you to Lisi Ertl for her trust and all the help she provided, we hope we can prove to be worth it!
This will be Bossies final litter and we are hoping to keep a little princess to continue her precious lines!
For more information about the parents click the advert below! For any additional information please contact us via mail 🙂


After so many years of planing and waiting we finally welcome a new breed a new member of our family!
a Welsh Corgi Pembroke who we named PIPACS (Poppy in English)
She arrived from the far Lithuania from kennel Valhalos Sargas
We are extremely thankful to her breeder Kristina Kazlauskaitė Gresevičienė  for entrusting us this little treasure!

Let us introduce
more info by clicking on her name 🙂


We spent 4 wonderful days in England with our friends Klara and Standa whom we will be forever thankful for having us and taking us to London for a sightseeing, it was awesome!
The whole trip was full of adventures, laughter,joy and events, it has been a while since we had such a great time!
We flew to Luton on 6th in the evening, next day it was about training, grooming and puppy cuddles at Hysteps kennel where we enjoyed the hospitality of Stephanie Austin. We also got to visit Joy and Becca Costello along with their great “Aviary” gang!
Friday it was CRUFT’s time!!! We took 3 dogs and all of them were placed
Creed was VHC with Klara, Chloe was 3rd handled by me (Thank You Stephanie for the opportunity, this was my first handling on the green carpet!), and Julie came second with Klara! t was a fantastic days, we also got to meet with Kristina, the breeder of our future Corgi baby!
Saturday it was all LONDON and Sunday it was herding time and flying home!
All in all it was a fantastic trip!!!! Thank You to everyone that made this possible <3

left to right
Creed   –  Julie  –   Chloe